It’s time again for the #1MinFiction Challenge by Cyranny over at Cyranny’s Cove! Our writing prompt is the image below.

“I think they forgot about us, Leo.” Stella sighed. “It’s getting dark already.”

“Yeah, it looks like they are getting ready to close, too.” He gestured down at the parking lot. “It’s almost empty now.”

“How long have we been up here?”

“Too long. I’m starving!”

“What’s worse is that I have to pee like a racehorse,” Stella announced. “Just can’t hold it like I used to.”

“Hang on a minute.” Leo slurped the remainder of his lemonade and handed Stella the empty cup. “It’s super-sized just for you.”

“Oh, Leo. Always a gentleman!” Stella giggled. “Don’t look, okay?”

“I won’t look if you won’t spill.”

Tell it like it is

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