It’s time once again for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge. The prompt is the image below.

Jeff spent most of the morning getting ready. He’d barely slept at all last night in anticipation of today’s events.

He arrived at the park and checked his watch. It told him he was a good 15 minutes early, but that gave him time to make himself even more nervous. First he worried she may be allergic to the flowers, then his mind moved on to more pressing issues:

How will I recognize her? It’s been over 30 years! All I can hope is that she recognizes me. Somehow… Maybe she won’t show. Who could blame her? I was a jerk back then. Besides, who wants to spend a Sunday afternoon in the park with a convicted felon?

Jeff glanced at his watch again. Three whole minutes had passed. Then, he felt a tap on his left shoulder and turned around.

The tapper was a young woman who looked to be in her late twenties or so. She had long blonde hair and cheerleader dimples just like her mom.

“Um, Dad?”

“Kristie.” There were tears in Jeff’s voice but he didn’t care. He removed his guitar and leaned it against the nearest tree. “Is it really you?”

Instead of answering Kristie wrapped her arms around her long-lost dad and buried her face in his shoulder. “God, I missed you so much!” she sobbed.

“Me too, baby girl,” he whispered. “Me too.” He embraced her in an awkward hug and silently thanked God.

artbyrandy at Morguefile.

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