It’s Fibbing Friday on Saturday! If you’d like to participate, check out Thoughts & Theories. Fun stuff!

  • Why is there a small plastic baby inside of a king cake?

Because a rubber baby would melt and stink up the cake.

  • What is Three Kings Day?

It’s the day that the Three Kings of Orient meet up at Good King Wenceslas’ house and shoot some hoops. Then they freshen-up and go over to Stephen’s place for a feast and impromptu bootie call.

Courtesy of pipiko03/art/Good-King-Wenceslas-343581698
  • Why is Boxing Day not formally observed in the US?

Because Canada thought of it first.

  • Traditionally, Christmas Day is the first of the Twelve Days of Christmas. By that same tradition, what is today known as?

Umm. Saturday?

  • Why is the US Presidential Inauguration held at noon on January 20th?

Free lunch?

  • Why are the President and Vice President of the United States elected together rather than separately?

Can you imagine the drama it would cause if they were elected separately? Plus, the first and second lady have to get along well so they have someone to hang out with for the next four years. So really, it’s the First Lady who chooses the VP.

  • Who swears in the President of the United States?

The person with the filthiest sailor-mouth.

  • In certain US states that have lots of prairie land, there are signs warning not to drive through smoke. Why?

If you drive through smoke you will cruise right into a portal leading to another diminsion from which no one has ever escaped/returned. Some say this ghastly place is called…Alabama.

Courtesy of Jodi Smith at
  • Why did Air France and British Airways suspend the use of all Concorde aircraft in 2003?

Due to the shortage of concorde grapes. Welch’s didn’t have enough to make their grape jelly when the aircraft was functional. Hence the spike of jelly prices in the earlt 2000s.

  • Why was there no supersonic replacement for the Concorde once all of them had been decommissioned?

In a scientific poll, People preferred grape jelly to airplanes on their toast.

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