It’s Wordle-day at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie! We are to create a story using at least ten of the words below:



Vitiate – spoil or impair the quality or efficiency of: development programmes have been vitiated by the rise in population• destroy or impair the legal validity of: the insurance is vitiated because of foolish acts on the part of the tenant.










Big Thunder and Clay Pidgeon had been sneaking around for several months. They’d each had been promised to members of their own tribes, but were secretly in love with one another.

Big Thunder’s fiancée” was named Withering Rose. She was a nice enough girl, maybe a little on the plain side, but she was okay. Let’s just say her name suited her.

Clay Pidgeon’s prospective spouse was a monstrosity of a man who went by the name of Screaming Scorpion.  His name suited him too, unfortunately. Screaming Scorpion had no friends probably because he had no social skills. The big slob managed to rub just about everyone the wrong way. Clay Pidgeon’s father had lost a poker game to Screaming Scorpion’s dad, and Clay Pidgeon was the prize.

Both weddings would take place within the next couple of weeks, and the two lovers were panicked.

“Oh, Big Thunder! What are we going to do?” Clay Pidgeon whined. “I’d rather eat raw corn off the cob than marry that freak!”

“I know, I know Clay Pidgeon.” Big Thunder sighed. “You think I want to be with Withering Rose for the rest of my life?”

“There’s only one thing to do then,” Clay Pidgeon concluded. “Let’s blow this joint.”


“Yes, seriously!” she replied. “There’s nothing here; no nightlife, unless you want to count listening to crickets and watching the stars. We’ve become to old to slide down the Elder’s rooftop.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Big Thunder agreed. “Heck, there’s not even a Wal-Mart around here! But where would we go?”

“Anywhere we want.” Clay Pidgeon shrugged.  “Where would you like to go?”

Big Thunder was silent for a few minutes as he thought of possibilities. “I know!” His eyes lit up as he grinned. “Chicago! How about Chicago?

“Hey, that’s my kind o’ town!” Clay Pidgeon joked.

“How we gonna get there?”

“You forgot  I received a pick-up truck for my 18th birthday?

“Hey, that’s right!”

Big Thunder smiled that special smile that always melted Clay Pidgeon’s heart. She stepped closer, put her arms around him and gave him a the hottest kiss ever. It made them both dizzy.

“Damn, girl! You sure can be persuasive.”

“I was just getting warmed up…” She whispered, gazing at him through half-closed eyelids.

That night, the two decided to make their escape.

Clay Pidgeon told her parents she was going to run up to the 7-11 for a bag of Gummie Bears. The 7-11 was a good 30 miles away, so they wouldn’t expect her back too soon.

Clay Pidgeon could barely contain her excitement as she set off to pick up Big Thunder.  Their new life awaited!

She  did a double take as she witnessed an obnoxious occurrence while driving past the Elder’s Hogan: Withering Rose and Screaming Scorpion perched on the rooftop, holding hands and laughing, getting ready to slide.

What the…? A surprising pang of jealousy pierced Clay Pidgeon’s heart. How dare he?

She decided to drive around the block, just one more time.




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