It’s Fibbing Friday again. To participate, click here.

1. Why is a Pantomime thus called?

Because Shirtomime and Sockomime sounded silly.

  • 2. Why was the White Rabbit late?

He had to meat his connection on the other side of the forest.

  • 3. What happened when Aladdin rubbed the lamp for the first time?

It felt so good that he’d rub it every chance he got until his mom causght him. She explained that if he kept doing that he’d go blind. So he only did it until he needed glasses.

  • 4. How many ugly sisters were there?

Too many.

  • 5. What did Jack exchange for the magic beans?

Magic mushrooms.

  • 6. Why do they always shout ‘It’s behind you!!’

Because it is. If it were in front, they’d shout, “Hey! It’s in front of you!”

  • 7. What was the house in the woods made of that Hansel and Gretel found?

Nothing. It was an hallucination.

  • 8. Who owned The Mirror Mirror on the wall?

The ugly ugly girl in the basement.

  • 9. What was the name of Dick Whittington’s cat?

Dickie Junior

  • 10. Who was Tinkerbell?

Dick Whittington’s daughter.

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