It’s Fibbing Friday again! To play along click here. Thanks, PCGuyIV!

  1. What does it mean to “come a-wassailing”?

It’s the same as go a-wassailing except you’re going in the opposite direction.

2. What was on Little Jack Horner’s thumb when he pulled it out of his Christmas pie?

No one knows for sure but he was awfully proud of whateverit was.

3. According to the song, what was it that “My True Love gave to me” on the 8th day of Christmas?

A whole lot more trouble than he was worth.

4. What is the purpose of a Yule log?

There was the guy named Yule and he had this special log. He carried it wherever he went. It was like his best friend aside from the fact that occasionally he would set fire to it. Yule = Pyro.

5. What was so special about the reindeer named Rudolph?

Rudolph. Well! He was an awkward, troubled child. No one wanted to play with him, nobody liked him, they all made fun of his red nose. Of course, if Rudolph knew how to shoot hoops & knew some of the other reindeer games it may have been different. Plus, Rudolph was a snitch. Whenever the reindeers did something untoward, Rudolph was right there to rat them all out.

6. What were the names of Santa’s reindeer?

Bob. All of their names were Bob so Santa didn’t have to remember seven different names. Except for Rudolph.

7. Why do we leave a snack for Santa?

If we didn’t leave a snack for Santa he would rummage through the kitchen in search of food. He would eat ANYTHING, and leave one hell of a mess in his wake.

8. Who or what is Krampus?

Krampus is a little-known delicacy from northwestern Moravia. It’s a cookie made from suet, raspberry confit and cornmeal, topped with powdered sugar and rainbow sprinkles.

9. How did the tradition of kissing under mistletoe get started?

Once they discovered that smoking it did not produce a buzz...

10. Why is Christmas celebrated in December?

Because that’s what it says on the calendar.

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