It’s Fandango’s Flashback Friday again! Here’s an oldie from 2019, originally written for the dVerse Poets Pub.


It’s Games Night at the dVerse Poets Pub!

Tonight, we are  to choose 3 names from the list of computer game names below, and somehow or other wrangle them into a poem.You don’t need to know anything about the game – just let the name inspire you.



Blossom Blast

Space Invaders

Assassin’s Creed

Honey Mine




The Elder Scrolls

Candy Crush






God of War


Dark Souls

Path of Exile.

With you,

a walk to the corner

drug store

becomes a stroll down

a mystical path sprinkled

with magic and moondust


secret portals leading

to Atlantis disguised

as manhole covers


and traffic lights

— in (un)reality—

send fiber optic

love vibes

to the God of War


How is it you turn

a dime-a-dozen

into one-in-a-million?



SusanWritesPrecise/Susan Marie Shuman
Lost City of Atlantis

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