It’s First Line Friday over at the MindLovesMisery Menagerie. Today’s prompt is, Dominic bowed his head to hide his face.

Dominic bowed his head to hide his face.

It was too late; they’d already seen him. The whistles, comments, and blatant stares spewed forth like projectile vomit from both men and women. From construction workers to professional women carrying briefcases; neither could control themselves.

What the hell was wrong with people? They act like they’ve never seen anyone different before.

Hs mother said to just ignore them and eventually they’d get bored and stop. Well, she was wrong.

They never stopped and Dominic never got used to it.

Over the years he’d thought about moving to another city or maybe a small town somewhere, but it was no good. When he visited various cities, it didn’t matter. People were pretty much the same everywhere it seemed.

He wished that every one of these idiots would have to experience just one day of what it was like to be Dominic DiLorenzo. Then maybe they could understand, perhaps they’d even have some compassion for those cursed with heart-stopping, butter-my-buns-and-call-me-a-biscuit, off- the-charts…


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