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  1. Who met for the first time at The Duck and Drake Inn in London on May 20th 1604?

Sir Francis Drake and Donald Duck

2. Why was the opening of Parliament delayed from July to November the following year?

People were too busy celebrating the Fourth of July.

3. Who used the name John Johnson as an alias?

Joe Schitt

4. Why did the Gunpowder Plot fail?

Joe Schitt dropped the ball.

5. Who designed the iconic Guy Fawkes mask?

Gramma Fawkes

6. Why are the cellars of the Palace of Westminster inspected before Parliament opens?

To make sure Shakespeare isn’t down there getting drunk with Joe Schitt.

7. What do MacBeth and the Gunpowder Plot have in common?

They were both Shakespeare’s fault.

8. Where will you find Guy Fawkes Island?

On the other side of Gilligan’s Island.

9. Who was on the throne at the time of the Gunpowder Plot?

Someone who had eaten too many green apples.

10. How did Guy Fawkes die?

Green apple poisoning.

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