It’s Poetics Tuesday over at the dVerse Poets Pub. This week our prompt is to write about November and what it means to us.


Papyrus-like leaves flutter

in November’s sharp breeze

grasping at what used to be:

reluctant to let go

of their lifeless branches

once lush and green.

Listless gray clouds

hovering and morose

replace the smiling

sunshine and tranquil

blue skies that seemed


But it had to end

because everything must.

Yet, we are always blindsided

by the inevitable.

12 thoughts

  1. This is incredibly potent! I love the “listless gray clouds,” .. November has wisdom attached to it even though its darker than the rest of the months. 💝💝


  2. Dead and dying leaves are, indeed, papyrus-like. In fact, papyrus reminds me of Egyptian mummies, which sort of fits with the theme of this poem. It is always hard when things come to an end, even though people know intellectually that it must happen at some point.


  3. A lovely snapshot of November, Susan. We have that sharp breeze today; not many leaves left to flutter, except for the ones on the stubborn willow, definitely ‘reluctant to let go’. Thankfully, yesterday’s grey has given way to a brilliant blue, but I know those listless clouds well. Who knows what it will be like tomorrow? We may be blindsided yet again.


  4. The ending message that we are always blindsided by the inevitable is true. Of course it’s November, but we still are amazed to see everything green fade. Change is not something we will ever embrace easily, is it? Yet, it’s what this life is all about!

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  5. Blindsided indeed, or maybe it’s denial …. I decided to ’embrace’ winter a few years ago. Where I live in Central Oregon, we can have snow, ice, below zero temps. Facing them with a ‘crooked’ smile helps (sometimes. I enjoyed your poem ….


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