It’s Quadrille Monday over aat the dVerse Poets Pub. This week, it’s The Happiness Project!


They say it comes from within —


Unless the within

Is without.

Where rainbows are gray music

is lonely silence laughter is

as unlikely as


Longing is non-existent when

within is without love can’t


live in the heart-stopping

abyss of

terminal apathy.

*Anhedonia is the inability to feel joy, happiness, or any other positive emotion.

12 thoughts

  1. What a sad condition! I’d never read up on Anhedonia, but I suspect it isn’t something one can snap out of and takes some professional help. It sounds like a decision has been made at the end with the word can’t crossed out and replaced with “won’t.” It is a decision to get help and not live in that abyss. An intriguing poem!


    1. Hi Tricia, I’m wondering now why I did the can’t/won’t thing. Must’ve been subconscious but I see now why it raises questions. I’d just recently heard of Anhedonia myself. Unimagineable! Thanks for reading!

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  2. So is anhedonia a choice – love won’t; or a condition – love can’t? Really interesting questions that you raise in this piece.
    (thanks also for the link to Chamicuro – what do we make of such loss – a language, a literature, a culture gone?).


    1. I don’t think it’s a choice, at all. Probably shouldn’t have typed “won’t.” Re: Chamicuro. I thought there were linguists who transcribed ‘dying’ languages and learned about the culture. I wonder how many cultures/languages have been lost that we didn’t even know existed. It’s a lot to think about.

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  3. I was not aware of the meaning of Anhedonia. How very sad to be afflicted with that. I always try to find a moment of happiness….even within a mundane day. A thought provoking piece you’ve posted. Thank you!

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