It’s Fibbing Friday again and PCGuyIV is our host. Below are today’s questions.



Why is October the tenth month rather than the eighth as its name implies?

If October were the eighth month, we’d have to call it August.

2. Why is Halloween on October 31st?

Because if it were on October 32, we’d never get to go Trick-or-Treating.

3. What exactly is “Pumpkin Spice”?

It’s another name for the annual Cucurbita Carnivalé which is held in an undisclosed location in southern Andorra. The Cucurbita Carnivalé is to pumpkins what Mardi Gras is to people.

4.How did the tradition of carving Jack-o’-lanterns start?

A boy, his imagination, and a knife.

5. Why are they called “Jack-o’-lanterns”?

The kid in Answer #4 was named Jack. It was his lantern.

6. Why is National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) in April when National Poetry Day is October 3rd?

So people would ponder this mystery and write poetry about it.

7. What’s the big deal about Columbus Day?

It’s the day we get to throw leftover Candy Corn during parades.

8. Why do kids trick-or-treat on Halloween?

To get a bunch of Candy Corn to throw at parades on Columbus Day.

9. According to at least one Internet source, October 30th is National Candy Corn Day. Why?

I don’t know, but they are trying to trick people into thinking it’s a vegetable.

10. What happens to all the candy corn that doesn’t get eaten?

See #8.

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