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1.Why is Royal Blood considered blue?

Because when you mix it with red you get purple, which is an über-royal color.

2. What is a Blue Moon?

A moon that hasn’t been taking his anti-depressants.
3. What was the song ‘Blue is the Colour’ about?

I don’t know.
4. What is meant by blue collar?

A sad shirt.
5. What is a blue bonnet?

It’s margarine that grows wild in Texas.
6. What did Little Boy Blue play?

Hard to get.
7. What changed from brown to blue according to the song?

Smurfs who took a bath.  Don’t it make a Brown Smurf, Blue?
8. Where will you find a Blue Nun?

Alone, at the end of the bar doing shots of Jäegermeister.
9. Why mustn’t you step on his Blue Suede Shoes?

Because he will kick you.
10. What kind of bird has blue feet?

One who spends a lot of time standing in cold water.



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