It’s Haibun Monday over at the dVerse Poets Pub. Our prompt is birthdays.

No doubt about it, there are some couples who simply should not procreate. My parents were in this number. They probably should have dated for a while & called it good. But no, they had to take that ball and run with it — smack dab into a wall. From the first month it was a union fraught with peril, according to my mom. She knew she’d made a mistake, but hung in there anyway. Then she got pregnant and almost left my dad when she was three months along.

After I was born, things really got interesting. From what I hear, it was as though a live monkey wrench had been tossed into a clusterf**k. Dad had his heart set on a boy, so I was a disappointment right out of the chute. I did not deviate from this path, as Dad often pointed out. Mom was happy with me though. In the end, some mistakes cannot be undone, such as hapless slips of sperm.


Please, no cards or gifts.

forget cake and candles, too;

a day best ignored.







11 thoughts

  1. Thank you for joining us with your ironic tanka, Susan, which made me smile, being the result of a slip up myself.
    Could you turn it into a haibun with at least one short paragraph of prose for Haibun Monday?

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  2. I was a planned baby, but turned up with the wrong plumbing as both my parents were convinced i was going to be a boy. Not that it mattered. Mum and Dad rarely argued and I had a happy childhood. They would have celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow.

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  3. Your haibun is honest and tells it like it is, Susan. I agree that there are some couples who simply should not procreate. Whether they are aware of it or not is another question. In the past, once you were married and had children, you had to stay with it regardless of how unhappy you made each other and your children. And I still love the irony in the phrase ‘hapless slips of sperm’ and the way the tanka has become the perfect haiku.

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