It’s First Line Friday over at The MindLovesMisery’s Menagerie blog. This week’s first line is:

Lush melodies drew her to the door of the lounge, the friendly smiles enticed her inside.

Lush melodies drew her to the door of the lounge, the friendly smiles enticed her inside. That, and a sudden urge to use the restroom. It seemed to be happening a lot lately, this business of peeing several times an hour. Evidently her ol’ bladder just couldn’t hold it like it used to. Must be part of the ageing process, she figured, but at the tender age of 40?

“Ain’t That a Kick in the Head” was wafting through the smoky air as Celia walked through the doorway. She smiled a sad smile. Her grandmother had loved Dean Martin and Celia had loved her grandmother more than anything. She looked around for a “Ladies” sign but didn’t see one, so she stopped one of the smiling waitstaff and inquired as to the whereabouts of the restroom. Surprisingly, the server put her tray down and walked Celia right to the restroom door.

She thought about asking the kind woman if she could pee for her too, but thought better of it. Not everyone appreciated Celia’s warped sense of humor.

As long as she was in a cocktail lounge, and there was an absolutely gorgeous guy sitting alone at the bar Celia decided to have a drink.

She stood near the man but not too close and ordered a shot of Yeager and a Bud Light.

The bartender hesitated, glancing at Celia’s protruding stomach. “Uh, Ma’am, do you really think that’s good for the baby?”

Celia’s mouth fell open but she had trouble getting words to come out. “Wh-wh-what baby? What do you mean?”

The bartender’s face was a lovely shade of crimson by now, and she simply stared at the floor.

“You think I’m pregnant!?”

“I-I’m sorry…” she stammered.

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” Celia said in a low, raspy voice as she gave the girl a sly wink. “It’s just a beer gut.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” The bartender looked skeptical but set about pouring the drinks.


Oh, my God. Could I be pregnant? It’s been about six months since I James and I…Aw,shit!”

The bartender placed two napkins in front of Celia and set the shot glass and bottle gently atop them.

Celia stared at them for a moment, shrugged, then downed the Yeager and chugged half the beer. She wiped her mouth with her sleeve and turned to speak to the absolutely gorgeous guy, but he was gone.








‘Cigar Bar Evening Lounge’ by Brent Lynch

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