It’s Quadrille Monday over at the dVerse Poets Pub. This time our word prompt is some form of the word “blue.”

The Blues won’t last,

they tell me, this too

shall pass, and soon

sunshine’ll sneak itself through.

What do they know?


‘Cause they don’t know you.

If they did, they’d know

(just like I do) that this time

The Blues ain’t

goin’ no-damn-where.

44 thoughts

  1. A very bluesy quadrille, Susan! I especially like the line ‘sunshine’ll sneak itself through’ – I always hope it will, but more often than not it doesn’t..


      1. It’ll never be published. I got screwed by three publishers. A forth will never get the opportunity.

        To self-publish properly and sell a few books I need more money than a I’ll ever have.

        So its unpublishable and useless.

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  2. Sorry to hear. At least you got publishers interested! I can’t even do that. I self-published my books on CreateSpace/Amazon Kindle. It’s basically free; I just pay a guy in Australia $120.00 to format the manuscripts. They did okay, but like you I don’t have the $$$ to market them properly. What is your book about?

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    1. I have a 20 book mystery series about a head waitress turn skeauth thanks to her detective grandfather.

      I need edits, illustrations, formats, covers drawn. I need 2k a book 40k to be successful. It just wobt ever happen.


      1. Wow. Twenty books! I’ll bet it’s awesome. What kind of editing do you need? For images I either took pix of whatever myself or used what I could find online and credited the owner. In any case, it sucks you got screwed over by publishers.


      2. I’ve decided if I ever try again it will be if I can get everything made proper with real hand drawn cocwrs and such as I imagine them.

        Publisher one stole the book. Two ruined it. Three held it to ransom. Real decent publishers dont exist anymore sadly.

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  3. I’m just doing short stories now, they wont go into a book either. I did that with my Compendium of Characters and it sold very few copies. No sense spending and losing money I don’t have on further publications. For me, the only reason I continue to write is because I cant switch of the creativity – if I try I get as miserable as hell, lol


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