For today’s prompt at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, we are to write a diary/journal entry. The entry can be from any point in the narrator’s life past, present, or future. If future tense and from our own perspective try to imagine where you would like to be. If we are writing from our own past try to write from your perspective at that time. If we are writing as a seven year old child it should read as if it was written by a seven year old child.

Dear Diary,

Tonight would be a very special night according to my mom. She said it would be a night that I’d always remember and never forget.

Tonight, I had my first legit date. His name is Robin and he is 16 with a driver’s license. He’s a nice guy and everything, but he’s super-skinny and has super short hair. The one I really like is his friend Russ. He is also 16 and is super cute. To die for cute! It was double-date so Russ took my friend Brenda, who is of course, better looking than me. I suppose that’s why Russ likes her. I wonder if Robin would rather be with Brenda too. Who cares because I don’t like him that much anyway.


Russ had a fake ID and bought some beer and champagne, Then they took us to a drive-in movie.


That night I learned something very important: do not drink champagne from the bottle. When I took a swig from the champagne bottle it fizzed up in my mouth and I couldn’t swallow. My only choice was to spew it out all over the windshield, which I did. Everyone laughed and I felt like an idiot. Robin wasn’t even mad. He must like me a lot.

Too bad.

That was our last date because Robin was a sloppy kisser.



6 thoughts

      1. The memories were fun too. When I was 16, I took a girl to the drive-in, and since I couldn’t buy beer I bought a six-pack of Near Beer. Crazy things we did trying to be cool.


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