This week at Friday Fictioneers, Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields has chosen the image above by Jeff Arnold as our writing prompt.

When her Aunt Mia passed away, Cara was surprised to learn that she had been included in the will.  She’d seldom seen her aunt and didn’t feel as though she even knew her.

When the box arrived, Cara ripped it open to find the old typewriter with a letter wrapped around its roller. Cara snatched it out.

My Dearest Cara,

I’m sorry but it’s time you knew the truth. Brace yourself. I am your real mother. The woman who raised you was my eldest sister. You will be pleased to know that your deadbeat rascal of a father is Ja—



31 thoughts

  1. What a rotten thing to do to a person! The aunt/mother as well as the person who didn’t take the letter off of the typewriter before sending it. There is no need for her to feel such pain with no resolution seen 😦

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  2. I clicked the “like” link above. But I wish, like Facebook, that there was in an emoji that had a sad or an angry face. That’s what your story did to me. How tragic and how upset I would be to get a note like that.

    You did your job! Randy

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