This week at Friday Fictioneers, Rochelle has chosen the above image © J Hardy Carroll, as our 100-word writing prompt.

The popular kids hung out at Rockin’ Roger’s: football players, cheerleaders — all the pretty people. Rhonda was none of the above and didn’t frequent Rockin’ Roger’s. Even if she were one of the popular kids, she wouldn’t have gone. She saw those kids all day at school. Who wants to hang out with them afterward? A little pretty went a long way in Rhonda’s opinion.

The pretty people loved Rockin’ Roger, always cracking jokes, laughing and friendly. They thought he was the ‘cat’s ass.’

They didn’t know Rhonda’s stepfather (the cat’s asshole) like she did.

She hid the bruises well.

13 thoughts

      1. So sorry, Susan. My computer blipped and I ended up on the wrong blog! (I better go check Phyllis’ blog to see if my comment landed there, too!)

        So… lemme start this again because that comment did NOT fit here:

        This story had so many layers. And I hope Rhonda finds a way to get away from the asshole.

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  1. The last 18 years of my working life, before retiring last August, often introduced me to victims like Rhonda. A sad story indeed, and one that makes me want to go find the perpetrators and do a little payback.

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