Once again it’s time for Chelsea Ann Owens’ Terrible Poetry Contest! This week our prompt is Big Rock Candy Mountain.

When I ain’t got no tomorrows

when the strings all bust on my banjo

I’m gonna change my undershirt

an’ go to my hunka hunka heaven on dirt.


It’s paradise, hell yes it is

with a little wood shack to take a whiz.

Among green trees and birds that chirp

my hunka hunka heaven on dirt.



9 thoughts

  1. Interesting fact. When I was little I had an aunt who called me her hunka-bunka.
    Nope, I’ve got no idea where that came from either. Or what it meant.

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      1. Ah, a tenuous connection perhaps… a corruption of an Elvis song lyric. Although she was more a Cliff Richard fanatic, which goes to show she had terrible music taste as well as inexplicable pet name choices.

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