Today at MindloveMisery’s Menagerie we are asked to write a story or poem in which opposites attract. Here’s mine:

Theirs was the kind of love that even Calliope could not charm into verse. Though inspired to the brink of madness, troubadours were graceless to make melody of it.

Simply, it was its own symphony.

Universally taboo, yet pure in its essence. Unnatural and inescapable. Illogical, inexplicable and endless.


At first, both families thought it was rather sweet: a puppy love, a curiosity, an infatuation that would surely wane. They viewed it as a mere “jumping the fence” phase that some kids go through.

But it wasn’t.

Rather, as time passed, this all-encompassing desire and devotion flourished. It grew beyond even itself.


“What will people think?”

“What about children? Think about what they’d look like and the living hell their lives would be! You could never…could you?”

“Think about your future…Please, stop this now, while you still can!”


On more than one occasion, either family would move across the country in an attempt to quell the sweet sting of Cupid’s misguided arrow.

No matter. Even when separated by miles of interstate, the hapless inamoratos always found their way back to one another. Vladimir and Vivienne were two halves of a whole; one was the missing piece to the other’s puzzle.

Eventually, the families acquiesced, but on one condition:

Vladimir, the Russian Wolfhound, would be neutered and Vivienne, the Maine Coon, would be spayed.

So you see, in the end, love conquers all, as true love is wont to do. This is why it is so important to make sure our pets are spayed and neutered.


Vladimir, courtesy of

4 thoughts

  1. I do believe there are several ‘Pairs’ that dare such friendships.
    Like lions and lambs 🙂

    Also folks should remember that holidays aren’t really a good time to get new pets –
    all the excitement, possible boarding right after adoption for travel. Making sure young caretakers are responsible. And please look in shelters first, for even older animals that might need your loving care.


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