It’s the Sunday whirl #434! Below are the words we are to use:




Lana shuffled out of Bob’s Basic Bar, bereft of cheer. Since her divorce — coupled with the death of her parents, every day was lonely, but the holidays seemed to rub it in. Watching people who had families and loved ones, reminded her of the way life once was and will never be again.

Deep in her soul Lana felt the familiar surge of despair. Her stomach churned in protest of too much Chardonnay and not enough food. She’d forgotten to eat again and promised her empty stomach a grilled cheese sandwich when she got home.

The streets were deserted; the only footsteps she heard were her own. Steam rose from the manhole covers and she wished it would swallow her up. Sometimes, if she’d drunk enough and her eyes were unfocused, the swirling steam took on ghostly shapes. When this happened she’d wish it were someone from the Other Side letting her know they were okay and still waiting for her, but no dice. It was just plain old steam.

It was a clear, cold night and the stars glittered like rhinestones decorating the midnight sky. Mesmerized by God’s (or whoever’s driving this crazy bus) handiwork, Lana tripped over an uneven slab of sidewalk and kissed the dirt of someone’s dead garden.

She glanced around to make sure no one had seen her fall, and they hadn’t. For a brief moment she wished someone had, and would rush over to help her. It had been a long time since she’d felt the touch of another human being.

Lana pulled herself up and brushed off her jeans, fighting back the sudden onslaught tears. Luckily, her apartment was just across the street. Once inside she could cry as long and hard as she wanted.

But then, through her tears, Lana saw the silhouette of her three cats in the living room window, waiting for her. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth.

Sometimes, blessings come in the form of hairy folk with four legs and a tail. Lana thanked God for each of them.



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