It’s Prosery Monday at the dVerse Poets Pub!

“Prosery is the latest addition to the dVerse universe. This is the fourth prosery prompt. If you’re not yet acquainted with the dVerse term, let me explain. It is a flash fiction (of any genre) that incorporates a line from a poem—prose from poetry! It must be no more than 144 words. The line of the poem is “These memories were left here with the trees”

All the years we spent pretending that somehow it would all work out. We’d be together, you & me. You’d promised to leave Estelle when the kids were old enough. I pretended to believe you until I finally did. And so I waited.  I waited even after your kids had kids of their own. Our unborn children waited with me. Eventually though, their little souls grew tired and they moved on.

O, how I loved our champagne and moonlight trysts! Right over there beneath that weeping willow. Remember the time you were going to carve our initials its trunk? But I wouldn’t let you for fear of hurting it.

Now I wish I hadn’t stopped you. Damn it! What I wouldn’t give…but it was not to be.

These memories live here with the trees; memories of the life we almost had.




19 thoughts

  1. So sad..I love the line about the kids you never had. Well done.

    Only one problem. It may just be me but i find it almost impossible to read the words agains the black background. I wonder if anyone else has the same problem. In a longer piece, I would have had to have given up..


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