The unicorn wandered alone in the Elysian Fields where he lived. Without a doubt, the fields were beyond exquisite; no other place on the planet came close to its rare and dazzling beauty: 3D rainbows, turquoise-blue skies, ice-silver lakes and streams, and daisies and sunflowers shiny with dewdrops decorating the lush, emerald-green grass.

There was only one problem; Germain the Unicorn was lonely. He was one of a kind and therefore, had nothing in common with any other species. He’d tried hanging out with horses, but they just couldn’t get past the horn sticking out of his forehead. When Germain would pass gas, as all creatures do, his took the form of a glittery rainbow and smelled of potpourri. The horses got a big charge out of that, and made fun of him–telling him to go open up a perfume shop, or to peddle his rainbows somewhere else. And so, Germain would saunter away, his head hanging in shame.

One day, a nymph came to visit Germain. She found him near a grove of oak trees. Not wishing to startle him, she softly called his name. He looked around and saw her perched on a tree branch; she was no bigger than a leaf.

He looked at her quizzically and asked, “Are you a faery?”

“I get that a lot,” she replied. “I’m a nymph. Dryad’s the name.”

“Pleased to meet you, Dryad.”

“Likewise, Germain. Now, tell me why are you so sad? What is bedeviling you?”

“I’m lonely,” he sighed. “I live in this beautiful place all alone, with no one to talk to or share it with. I have to wonder what is the point of it all. I mean, big deal: I fart glittery rainbows that smell nice. What fun is that when nobody gets it?”

“Understood,” Dryad nodded. “What you need is a unicorn friend.”

“That would be awesome, but is it possible? Aren’t I supposed to be the only one of my kind?”

“Well, initially yes,” Dryad thought for a moment. “But some rules are made to be broken and I say this is one of them!”

“You mean it?! For real?”

“It will take a few days to arrange, but try to be patient. You will have a friend.”

And just like that, Dryad was gone. It was all so sudden and unexpected that Germain feared that perhaps he’d been dreaming. Yet, he hoped for the best; every day he looked for a friend to appear.

Several days had passed and Germain was nearly convinced that the whole Dryad thing had been a dream, and that he would be forever friendless.

And then one day as he was getting a drink of water from a stream, another reflection appeared next to his own. The likeness was uncanny! The only difference was that this new unicorn had longer eyelashes and forelocks, and the horn was pink.

I bet it’s a girl! Oh, boy!

The new unicorn grinned and slowly, a glittering rainbow began to form behind her.

For the first time in his life, Germain smiled.


Susan Marie Shuman/ SusanWritesPrecise


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