Today at Song Lyric Sunday Jim asks us to choose a song from a TV show. I chose… Leave it to Beaver!

The theme song is titled Toy Parade. The lyrics were written by Dave Kahn, Melvyn Leonard & Mort Greene. Personally, I don’t see what this song has to do with the Beav, but who am I to say?


Hey! Here they come with a rum-tee tum they’re having a toy parade.
A tin giraffe with a fife and drum is leading the kewpie parade.
A gingham cat in a soldier’s hat is waving a Chinese fan,
A plastic clown in a wedding gown is dancing with Raggedy Ann.

Fee fie fiddle dee dee they’re crossing the living room floor
Fee fie fiddle dee dee they’re up to the dining room door.

They call a halt for a choc’late malt or cookies and lemonade
Then off they go with a ho ho ho right back to their toy brigade.




6 thoughts

  1. I always liked this TV show, and do identify the music with it. I never knew it had words, but it’s a cute little song. You’re right, though … it doesn’t seem to fit the Beaver and Wally! haha 🙂

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  2. I loved Leave it to Beaver. Beaver didn’t have a mean bone in his body. I liked his parents and his fairly cool big brother. This is a good song, even if it has nothing to do with Beav and the Bunch.

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      1. It’s a cultural ideal image, which is what TV and other multi-media are really good at projecting to us to make us feel our own lives are inadequate 😦


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