It is First Line Friday over at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Our writing prompt for this week is “Take the gun.”

“Take the gun,” Gary whispered.

Melanie stifled a giggle. “And leave the cannoli?”

“Oh, for God’s sake!” Gary flung the script to the floor. “Will you please be serious for once?”

“I couldn’t help it!” Melanie laughed. “As soon as you said ‘take the gun,’ that one scene from The Godfather came to mind. You know the one where —”

“Whatever, Melanie,” Gary interrupted. This part in Mason’s play could be my big break. Don’t you get that?”

Melanie walked over and put her arm around Gary. “Yes, I get that,” she said quietly. “I’m sorry for joking around.”

Gary smiled at her and sighed. “It’s okay. Sorry I yelled.”

Melanie shrugged. “Let’s give it another shot.”

“Yeah.” Gary picked his script up from the floor. “Let me get into character.”

After a few deep breaths, he began.

“Take the gu —.”

“No! Gary!” Melanie rushed to where Gary lay dead on the floor. “Oh, my God!”

The  bullet left a small hole in the living room window.




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