It’s the Saturday Mix over at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

This week our task is to write a poem or short story using personification and the statement, “The flood raged over the entire village.”

What began as a balmy summer breeze playfully ruffling the voile sheers had morphed into angry howling winds. Quaint beach homes dotting the island were uprooted and splintered like toothpicks. No screams could be heard over the violent, crashing wind.

Perhaps there were no screams; it was just after midnight and most of the island’s residents had been mercifully asleep.

Next, a streak of lightening crackled the indigo sky where just an hour ago stars winked and a benevolent moon shone bright. A blast of thunder and gallons of hot rain plunged from the sky.

The flood raged over the entire village. Clothing, furniture, books and other artifacts of what used to be were later found broken, muddy, and shredded.

It was the nightmare from which no one awakened.


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