Today’s writing prompt at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie is the metaphor, “blowing one’s own horn.”

Derek was an average kid. He made Bs and Cs in school, maybe an occasional A if he was lucky. His parents, however, claimed he was a ‘gifted child.’ They fawned over him mercilessly. If he failed, it was someone else’s fault — the teacher or coach didn’t like him, or the other kid cheated. But if he excelled, Derek was the best there ever was and ever would be.

Eventually, Mom & dad’s mindset rubbed-off on Derek. He truly believed he was better than anyone, deserved recognition and adulation.

One day in band practice, Joey was having trouble with a tricky piece they were practicing. After a few fumbles,  Derek lost patience with his inadequate classmate.

“Mr. Bowen,” Derek piped-up in exasperation. “Why don’t you let me show Joey how it’s done.”

“Aw, geez.” There was a rumbling among the students. “There he goes tooting his own horn again…”

“It’s not a horn, dummies. It’s a saxophone!” Derek retorted. “And if I don’t toot it, who will?”


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