Welcome to the Saturday Mix – Unique Personality, 9 February 2019!
This week we are diving into the depths of PERSONIFICATION. Our challenge is all about the use of personification in our writing. You will need to use the statement provided in your response – which can be poetry or prose.
Our statement using, personification is:

The long road to his home was a twisting snake with no visible end.

The long road to his home was a twisting snake with no visible end. Gary been walking for hours, it seemed, and felt no closer to home than when he began. He’d gladly hitchhike, but there was no traffic. Cars and trucks never used this road. It was unpaved and much to narrow. Plus, it only led to one place, a place no one but Gary would want to go.

And it wasn’t that he wanted to go. He had to go. Gary owed his mother an explanation for his 25-year absence. He didn’t even know if she was still alive. All the letters he’d sent from prison had gone unanswered. They didn’t have a phone, so he couldn’t even call her.

He kept walking and finally came upon the clearing from which he could see his home from the hilltop.

He blinked and blinked again. It wasn’t there. It was as if it had never existed. In place of the small farm and its tar paper shack was a thriving community: a strip mall, housing development, gas stations, traffic lights, cars, people…

Well, shit.

Gary stood in the clearing and watched life go on in this new community. It wasn’t long before he realized there was nothing there for him.

Twenty-five years was a long time. No need to dig up a past that was best forgotten.

He turned and headed back down the road.

For some reason, it didn’t seem as twisted an narrow anymore.



SusanWritesPrecise/ Susan Marie Shuman


8 thoughts

  1. kaykuala

    For some reason, it didn’t seem
    as twisted and narrow anymore.

    Once the anxiety wears off it does not seem to cause a bother anymore! – straight or twisted will not matter.



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