The writing prompt at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie today is the image below; The Glade of Infinite Nothings.

So this is what it’s all about.

I’ve had dreams about places like this and wished it could somehow be real, and now it is. And I can feel my family and friends. And even my pets and other animals who shared my life on… whatever that planet was called. Mirth, Earth, Perth, something like that. From Virgil the tomato worm to Silver Shadow, my Appaloosa horse and all cats, dogs & gerbils in between, their souls are here. I can sense them and they are happy.

I’m pretty sure everyone recognizes me too, but there is no need to speak. I don’t think I can; there’s no reason to even try. The language “spoken” here  has nothing to do with words. It sort of emanates through the atmosphere and into the heart, or where the heart used to be since I don’t have a body anymore.  It’s difficult to explain because there is nothing like it on the other planet that compares.

And the colors! Wait until you see the colors. So vivid and alive; they seem to pulse. The Crayola Crayon box of 64 doesn’t even make a dent.

The air smells like rainbows — it’s the only way to describe it. Rainbows are what come to mind when I inhale, or whatever it is I do now. Imagine a fusion of petrichor and cotton candy. Sort of.  When you smell it, you’ll know what I mean.

What’s also kind of cool is that some of the people with whom I did not get along there, are here, too. But there is no animosity. It is as if we were all just  playing a role in a play with a cast of millions. None of it was real, nevertheless it was necessary for whatever reason.

This place, where I am here and now, is real.

My guess is that each of us exist as a miniscule part of an unfathomable whole.



SusanWritesPrecise/ Susan Marie Shuman
Egg Forest Final Stage by mrainbowwj at DeviantArt

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