Down Deep

Shed some light on this today at the dVerse Poets Pub!

O, capricious bomb-dropping

bastard, so full of

surprises —

the kind I can do without.


You shed women

(second nature to you)

like a snake sheds skin

so slick, so dirty, so…damn


I should’ve known better

people and snakes—

down deep—

rarely change.



5 thoughts on “Down Deep

  1. The shift in the second stanza to directly talking to the offending person by using the word “you” is quite powerful!
    Glad you posted to the prompt and came into the chat – not too late at all. However, instead of embedding the link to your poem in the prompt’s chat as you did, please click on the Mr Linky, which appears toward the end of the prompt and insert your direct link there. You’ll notice in all the folks who were in the chat, there’s no links to poems. It’s just for chatting at the pub. Many folks don’t chat and rather only put their link in Mr Linky, knowing this is where people go to read the poems. You’ll have many more readers by using Mr Linky.

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