“Who was that?” François sputtered through a mouthful of sardine sandwich.

“Dude?” Sebastian announced as he hung up the phone. “We got big problems.”

“How so?” He took slurped another bite of the sloppy sandwich.

“Frankie, how can you eat that?” Sebastian grumbled. “It’s stinkin’ up the whole house!”

“Open mouth, shove in, chew and swallow.” François shrugged. “It’s easy. So what’s our big problem?”

“Pendragon never showed up at day care.”

“No way!” François exclaimed. “I walked him there myself.”

“Yeah, but did he go inside? Or did you leave him by the swing-set?”

François blanched. “Uh…”

“That’s what I thought,” Sebastian concluded. “Well, Pendragon’s lost & Mom’ll be home in three hours…”

We’ll find him! It’s not like he’s a blonde-haired, freckle-faced cutout of every kid in the neighborhood.”

That’s for sure.” Sebastian folded he arms and leaned against the refrigerator. “So, are you done eating that stinky shit, so we can start looking?”

“I’m takin’ the sandwich along,” François replied. “Pendragon’s all about sardines, y’know. Maybe the smell’ll lead him to us.”

With that, the two brothers commenced to search for their wandering homunculus—beginning with the Dandy Don’s Day Care playground.

“No sign of him here.” Sebastian surveyed the grounds. “Now what?”

“Well, let’s think,” Francoise reasoned.  “Where would you go if you were a homunculus?”

“A test tube?” Sebastian shrugged. “An incubator, maybe?”

“Doubtful, but c’mon.” François plopped down on one side of the teeter-totter.  “I think better when I’m teeter-tottering. Hop on!”

You c’mon, Frankie! Quit screwing around & help me fi…!”


Sebastian followed his brother’s gaze to a shimmer in the sand. Upon closer inspection, the boys determined the shiny object was a silver, cursive “P” on a chain.

“Oh, no…” François sighed. “It’s the monogrammed chain Mom bought him in Ireland. He loved that! And there’s his half-eaten apple!” He exclaimed, pointing a few feet away. “He was gumming it when I…”

“Dude?” Sebastian began solemnly. “I think Pendragon’s been…”

“Abducted.” Françoise finished the sentence.

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