Today’s Three Things Challenge at The Haunted Wordsmith blog are the words twilight, magical and automaton.


When twilight fell on the village of New Britsky, the sky took on a magical glow. It was more than just a sunset. Some describe it as a small-scale aurora borealis. An array of greens, pinks, and golds illuminated the village and time seemed to stop. Even the animals were still as the world around them shimmered.

It was when twilight slipped into nighttime that life got spooky. The New Britsky villagers lost their humanity like a snake sheds its skin, and became humanoid. Like automatons, they moved through their lives without thought or emotion. They cooked dinner, ate, put their children to bed, and even made love as if programmed.

The animals, pets included, avoided contact with the humanoids. This was fairly easy since the humanoids failed to notice them.

When the sun rose the next morning, humanity returned. No one had any recollection of the night before. 

The same thing happened to visitors who spent the night in New Britsky. They too never knew the difference.


Who knows where humanity goes every night, and what makes it come back?


SusanWritesPrecise/Susan Marie Shuman


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