Since everybody else is trying this, I’m going to take a shot at it too.  Just pick a word that comes to mind and talk about it. It doesn’t have to be a particular theme, just whatever you want to do.

A is for the ageing process which is treating me unkind.

is for the bullshit that people like to spew

C is for my cats, who love me no matter what I do

D is for the dream job I never seem to find.

is for Ellington, CT — a happy place to live

F is my 40s that now seem far behind

G is for Gutter Ball the first book I ever wrote

H is for Homunculus, a creature hard to find

is for Israel, a place I want to see

J is for Joke, which describes my crazy life

is for Katmandu, a cool place to be

L is for the Lipstick lost somewhere in my purse

M is for Money with which I am not cursed

is for the Nothing that I have plenty of

is for Onomatopoeia a word that’s fun to say

P is for the cat Puke, I clean up every day

Q is for Quisp cereal, that is no longer made

R is for the Rhyme that isn’t working right

is for the Sleep that eludes me at night

T is for the Time I somehow seem to waste

is for Eddie’s Underwear, book number two

is for Vivian, my mom I miss so much

is for the Wisdom I someday hope to glean

X is for the Xylophones we hardly ever see

is for the Yesterdays that I love to dwell upon

Z is for Zimbabwe where I ain’t never been.


Well, that was weird!

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