It’s Fandango’s Flashback Friday! On this very day in 2018, this story came to life. It was originally written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, and the prompt was the image below.

“Crasis Gasitus seen pictured at the scene of his great discovery.

Many thought it impossible.

Few believed he could pull it off.”

Yes, folks, today was a big day for Crasis Gasitus of Simpleville, South Carolina. He’s a young man who had a dream and made it a reality. Despite years of ridicule and even contempt, young Crasis fought every day for his right to think outside of the shoe box. The courageous theorist proved that determination and dedication really do pay off, and in a big way. As such, he may very well have changed not only his own life but the lives of Simplevillians, forever.

His discovery? Wearing your shoes on the right feet — meaning the left shoe on the left foot, and the right shoe on the right foot really does matter.

In Gasitus’ own words, “You see the world differently, and the world sees you differently.”

With this in mind, the possibilities are endless.

Balance, coordination, running, dancing, even riding a bicycle are just a few of the activities the conscientious shoe-wearer will enjoy with his or her new-found poise and common sense.

Climbing, as Crasis demonstrates in the photo, is yet another of the many benefits of wearing one’s shoes on the feet for which they were intended.

It is indeed, a brave new world.

This is The Abject Muse, reporting live from Simpleville, South Carolina.

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