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A Rondel is a French form consisting of 13 lines: two quatrains and a quintet, rhyming as follows: ABba abAB abbaA. The capital letters are the refrains, or repeats.

The first time I met you I knew,

I would be foolish to fall in love

Although your hand fit mine like a glove

There wasn’t room in your life for two.


As time went by, my feelings grew,

but I hid them in shadows thereof.

The first time I met you I knew

I would be foolish to fall in love.


Once as I gazed into your eyes of blue,

I prayed to the Heavens above

that you’d never guess, even an inkling of

the tenderest feelings I’d hidden from you.

The first time I met you I knew.



DJ Looney DnB Bandcamp

22 thoughts

  1. Yes and no–for me, going with my gut, with first impressions has sent me on several fool’s journeys. But it is quite romantic, kind of Emily Dickinson, to follow the premise of your piece.

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  2. kaykuala

    the tenderest feelings Iโ€™d hidden from you.
    The first time I met you I knew.

    Beautiful rondel in remembrance of the dear one in one’s life!


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  3. Hey Susan โ€” Hi poet!. Wanted to let you know I am โ€œtemporarilyโ€ sightless in my right eye from a retinal disease. It is a struggle fir me to write, but I will still wrote my pieces, going very slowly. Reading at any length is extremely difficult, and causes painful headache โ€” so wanted to say thanks for contributing to OLN. But I wonโ€™t be able to read what you wrote, yet I wanted to visit. I spent a little time writing this best I could with one eye, i copied it, and I am pasting it in here to say hi. Got an operation coming up in about a week when the infection is down. Hopefully things will get back to normal.thanks, Rob

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