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Now that my little girl is asleep, I can tell you what’s really going on. I know the whole story firsthand since I’m her Barry Bear & she takes me everywhere with her.

Okay, so the reason Taylor (my little girl) and I ended up in this Angel House place is because of her loser parents.  The dad ran a meth lab in the basement, and the mom was a heroin addict. Taylor was basically raising herself, if you can believe that.

One day while me and Taylor were at Dandy Dan’s Day Care/Pre-School, her dad blew up the house. You know how meth labs can explode sometimes. I don’t know how, but both parents lived through the blast, and then the cops arrested them in the hospital. Since there’s no other family, the cops brought us here.

It’s not a bad place, but we’ve been here almost a year now. I’m hoping that the people who are coming to meet us tomorrow will take us home with them. The reason no one has adopted us yet is because Taylor is deaf. She was born that way. Nobody comes out and says it, but I know that’s the reason.  Lots of people come to meet us, but then decide that we wouldn’t be a “good fit” in their families.

I wish someone would give us a chance for Taylor’s sake. My little girl needs a home and a real family.

Keep your fingers crossed about tomorrow…




SusanWritesPrecise/Susan Marie Shuman

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