So this is where it all happens…

Sheila stood in the middle of the bedroom her lover shared with his wife, and slowly took it all in.

Clearly James and Gabrielle still slept together; one look at the un-made bed with indentations of two bodies told that tale. There was a faint musky smell also, but Sheila was probably imagining it. They’d been away for two days now. Surely the scent of their sex couldn’t linger that long.

Sheila knew she was taking one hell of a chance, but having a locksmith for a brother made temptation too hard resist. She had to see it with her own eyes, and feel whatever it would make her feel.

All she felt at this point was rampant curiosity.

She walked over to the dresser where the wife’s jewelry box sat. When she opened it, it reminded her of a kaleidoscope — so many dazzling colors of gemstones!

An emerald cut ruby ring caught Sheila’s eye, so she tried it on. It fit perfectly.


Sheila kept it on as she rummaged through the armoire. Ol’ Gabbie had wonderful taste in lingerie. Sheila had many of the same styles in her own closet. James had purchased them for her, of course.

Sheila chose one with the price tag still on it. It was an unusual color, a sort of midnight fuchsia is the way Sheila would’ve described it, and was made entirely of eyelash lace. She took off her clothes and slipped into the negligee. Just like Gabrielle’s ruby ring, it fit perfectly.

As Sheila admired herself in the mirror, she wondered if Gabrielle suspected James was having an affair. If she hadn’t before, she would when they got back in town. Sheila would make sure of it.

Sheila started feeling a bit lightheaded, the Percocet she’d taken earlier was kicking-in. So, she crawled into the unmade bed and waited for one of two things to happen:

  1. She would fall asleep and James would awaken her upon his return.
  2. She would fall asleep and never wake up because she’d OD’d.



SusanWritesPrecise/Susan Marie Shuman

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