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So this is where it all happens…

Sheila stood in the middle of the bedroom her lover shared with his wife, and slowly took it all in.

Clearly they still slept together; one look at the un-made bed with indentations of two bodies told that tale. There was a faint musky smell also, but Sheila was probably imagining it. They’d been away at some funeral for two days now. Surely the scent of their sex couldn’t linger that long.

Sheila knew she was taking one hell of a chance, but having a locksmith for a brother made temptation too hard resist. She had to see where and how her lover lived with her own eyes and feel whatever it would make her feel.

All she felt at this point was raging curiosity.

She walked over to the dresser where the wife’s jewelry box sat. When she opened it, it was like a kaleidoscope — so many dazzling colors of gemstones.

An emerald-cut ruby ring caught Sheila’s eye, so she tried it on. It fit perfectly, all 3 carats of it.


Sheila kept it on while she rummaged through the armoire. Ol’ Gabbie had wonderful taste in lingerie. Sheila had many of the same styles in her own closet. James had purchased them for her, of course.

She wondered if Gabrielle suspected James was having an affair. If she hadn’t before, she would when they got back in town. Sheila would make sure of it.

She closed the armoire door and wandered over to the bed.

After sizing it up, she decided to plop down on it and bounce around a bit. Then, she closed her eyes and sat quietly, trying to get a sense of Gabrielle — who she is, the feel of her skin, her touch, the sound of her voice, anything.

It was no good. Sheila’s mind was racing, and she was unable to focus.

The thought of their coming home at any moment was unnerving. It was time to go.

But first, Sheila lit a Marlboro Menthol and smoked it about ¾ of the way down.  James was allergic to cigarette smoke, so she doubted Gabrielle smoked either, at least not in the house. Then, she found a tube of lipstick — a bright plum color called Midnight Fuchsia — in the bathroom and applied a heavy coat. She took the last drag off the cigarette and flicked it in the toilet.

That’ll give ‘em both something to think about. Sheila smiled to herself as she left their house, with Gabrielle’s ruby ring on her finger.



SusanWritesPrecise/Susan Marie Shuman




4 thoughts

  1. The ‘other’ woman often fantasizes about playing that sort of trick on her lover. One too many promises broken and the lies about getting nothing from his wife! Ha! I liked the ending personally. A three carat ruby ring ought to fetch a good price, and it’s little enough payment in light of what will probably happen when he and wifey get home…. nice read! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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