The visual prompt over at The Haunted Wordsmith for 11/27/2018 is the image below.

Hilda was fraught with excitement and anticipation. She was on her way to pick up her boyfriend from the Tacoma State Correctional Facility. They’d known one another for a little over two years, but not outside of a prison setting.

Hilda had found his profile on The moment she saw Johan’s photo and read his bio, she knew he was the one. For starters, they were both Finnish, so they had something in common right there. And then, Hilda thought he had the most gorgeous, piercing blue eyes. She’d never seen eyes quite that shade of cornflower blue.

So, Hilda quickly sent her photo and a letter to Johan, before someone else snapped him up. When he received the envelope from Hilda, he was every bit as impressed with her as she was with him.

Johan was in for a parole violation. Even the original crime he’d committed wasn’t terribly alarming. In fact, it was rather humorous. Johan attempted to steal a huge whole salmon from the Pike Place Market in Seattle. As one of the fish mongers was lobbing the salmon across the market to the other (as is their practice) Johan intercepted the airborne fish and tried to make off with it.  Unfortunately, he slipped on a small trout someone had dropped, and fell flat on his back. Thus, he was easily apprehended.

Johan had done some time for that and had gotten out on good behavior. Then he went back to Pike Place Market again and tried to intercept another salmon. This time, it was in the presence of a police officer. The judge had thrown the book at him, giving him a 3-year sentence.

Still in all, Johan seemed like a nice guy. He’d always acted like a gentleman when Hilda came to visit him, and they did have a lot in common. And now they were about to embark on a new life together. Tonight would be their first real date!

While waiting for Johan, Hilda sat in the prison parking lot fiddling with her hair and reapplying tangerine lipstick.

Finally he appeared.

They fell into a mad embrace and could hardy tear themselves away from one another. Eventually, one of the guards hollered for them to get a room, which made them stop.

After straightening her clothes and make-up she asked Johan where he’d like to go first.

“How ‘bout the Pike Place Market?”



susanwritesprecise/Susan Marie Shuman

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