Today’s  prompt for the Daily Writing Challenge at The Haunted Wordsmith is the image below.

Through bitter tears, Donna watched the angry waves crash against the jagged rocks. She used to love this part of the beach; she and André spent many romantic and happy hours here. But that was all over, now — never to happen again. If she were smart she’d move on and chalk it up to lesson learned.

Donna had only herself to blame for ignoring every red flag and warning sign André tossed her way. That’s what really pissed her off. She couldn’t even blame him for breaking her heart, because she knew he was married, knew he’d never leave his wife, and knew on some level that there was no future for her with André. To put it bluntly, Donna was love-stupid where he was concerned.

And today he dropped the bomb that forced her to see their relationship for what it was: nothing. André came by her beach house to let her know that he and Tatiana were pregnant, and to say goodbye. They would be moving back east to be near family in Michigan, or wherever. She’d stopped listening after the first sentence.

Goodbye. Just like that. As if he were quitting a part-time summer job to go back to school and real life.

It all happened so fast that Donna hadn’t had the chance to tell him that she was pregnant, too.

Would it have made a difference? She wondered.




Susan Marie Shuman/ SusanWritesPrecise

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