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Other women get flowers from their lovers.
You bring me
ice packs for my
swollen, ugly face.
I tell them I
fell down the stairs.
But there are no stairs leading anywhere
to the Abyss where
love used to live.

You said you wouldn’t
hurt me again.
Other women would leave;
I bought a gun.




38 thoughts

  1. Having been to that ‘Abyss where love used to live’ way back in the past, I’d never want to go there again. Thank goodness guns aren’t so easy to procure in the UK or there’d be a lot of dead men.

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  2. “other women get flowers but you bring me ice packs” says so much. i’ve been there and i’m sorry if you’ve had to go through that. buying a gun and they know you have it is a necessary step in some situations. very powerful poem

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  3. Sadly, I have spent too years, living in the Abyss, with one particular family member. Who did everything but sexually rape me. Only by moving away to another part of Ontario, have I escaped his physical presence in my life. And yes, there were times, I wanted to kill him. Especially, on those nights, I am struggling with PTSD flashbacks.

    Thank you, for expressing the anger that many abuse victims suppress. I do hope that this has helped you, in your own healing process.

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  4. Ice packs…
    even if he brought flowers, it wouldn’t mean he would change, anyone willing hit or shove will do it again. Run run run, but that is hard to do. Good to recognize no one should have to put up with this. Powerful write!

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