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I’ve not seen it,

but the damp-dirt fragrance

of petrichor (that musky mystique!)

dazzles my blind mind’s eye.

Rain’s shimmer—an almost-sound—

splash-dancing thirsty lawns,

razored lightening slicing;


Thunder’s echoed moans


Sunshine sings a bow of rain

in colors I can hear.


SusanWritesPrecise/ Susan Marie Shuman
Vernon, CT

23 thoughts

  1. This is so atmospheric, Susan, and had me sniffing the air for the musky mystique of petrichor! I also love the;
    ‘Rain’s shimmer—an almost-sound—
    splash-dancing thirsty lawns’
    and those wonderful final lines..


  2. You have deceptively simple lines that have greater impact than a soliloquy. That first line is an attention thief…and my favorite. It says nothing and everything.

    “I’ve not seen it”

    “Seen what?” I think. And the rest does not disappoint.

    Rain’s shimmer being an almost sound? Absolutely genius! My mind imagined in high definition. My skin pebbles with cool, refreshing liquid kisses. But my ears… my ears are what you tickled most with that description. I wish to keep it and cradle it. That is when I know I have thoroughly enjoyed your thoughts. Thank you.

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