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      1. Oh dear, I blush to tell you he was a celebrity/actor/artist, 32 yrs older than I and married forever…so there wasn’t going to be any actual “thing”–but I was 10 when I fell in love with him…and just never stopped 🙂 I waited till he retired to write him a “fan” letter, and he replied–I thought I’d die of happiness…and then I stupidly flew to his city in hopes of just meeting him. He spoke through his closed door, pretended he was the butler or whatever–as though I wouldn’t recognize the voice I loved. It broke my heart for awhile. But now he’s dead, so I can have him without any complications–I call him Mr Perfect-Invisible. You’re probably convinced I’m quite mad by now, but that’s okay<3 🙂

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      2. I don’t think you are mad at all. I think it’s a charming, bittersweet story. It made me tear-up a bit, even. Thank you for sharing it with me. Was he someone I would’ve heard of? Now I’m curious! 🙂


      3. Thanks for not thinking me crazy–most people find it beyond ridiculous 🙂 Yes, you would know his identity, but I don’t want to put it here for the whole world to find/mock. Think Hawaii, 12-season cop show beginning ’68…starring role/main character. He was criticized for being a perfectionist and private–but he left something like a $40 million legacy to charities within the state. So my ardent defense of him over decades proved valid. Now you know the secret I write plenty of love/loss poems about 🙂 ❤

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      4. Yes…sigh…. His art work is also good, at one time the New York Met Museum had at least one painting…but I prefer the block prints in which he’s added lines of poetry. Perhaps I’ll post one or 2–the man was multi-faceted, lots of “mystique”. I have an unfinished novel in which my character is his foundling daughter…

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      5. Hi, I neglected to mention one personal note re current topic–there were a few very brief notes exchanged between us, which I misconstrued as invitation for the fated visit I made. The final note from him didn’t make much sense (plans for a new project he hoped to work on, nothing re my appearance outside his door)…and when his illness was much later disclosed, I figured that must have prompted it…which adds to the slender connection between 2 hearts worlds apart, and doesn’t diminish the fact of it. ❤

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