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It was a crisp Sunday morning in the tiny hamlet of Gnomeville. Early fall was the best time of year because all the goblins and ghosts were focused on the upcoming holiday. They had neither the time nor interest in harassing the wee folk.

Madge had just found out she was pregnant with twins. The starter hut they’d purchased after jumping the broom was perfect for two, but certainly not for four. So Madge and Bernie hopped in their little green Gremlin and went in search of a larger hut for their expanding family.

“Bernie, I just don’t know what we’re going to do!” Madge complained.

“Don’t worry babes, we’ll find something we can afford.”

“I don’t know where. We’ve looked at every hut for sale in Gnomeville.”

“What about Pixietown?” Bernie suggested.

“Oh, no!” Madge frowned. “That’s much too far from Mother’s.”

“Far? Whaddaya mean far?” Bernie replied. “It’s the next town over. Maybe a ten minute drive.”

“I like having Mother close by like she is now,” Madge whined. “Right across the path…”

“But Madge! Sooner or later we’re gonna have to move. You know we need more room.”

“But with the twins on the way, Mother should be near. I’ve never had a baby before an —”

“No, wait! Don’t tell me.” Bernie rolled his eyes. “You want her to come with, right?”

“Oh, Bernie,” Madge beamed, “I knew you’d understand!”

“Understand what? Madge! Wait a minute…”

But it was too late. Madge had already whipped out her cell phone and dialed her mother to tell her the news.

“Great!” Madge announced as she stuck her phone in purse. “Mother is thrilled to be moving with us.”

“Yeah,” Bernie muttered, gripping the steering wheel and his eyes fixed on the road. “Great.”

They drove in silence. Madge was busy planning out the details in her head, while Bernie wondered silently how things went to the Nether regions in a Celtic Knot so fast. My mother-in-law in the same hut with my new family? 

“Oh, honey!” Madge exclaimed. “Look, that one’s for sale. Stop!”

Bernie obeyed and stopped the Gremlin in front of a three-story Faerie hut.

“Isn’t it dreamy?” Madge sighed. “And they’re having an Open Hut today!”

“We’ll never be able to afford it,” Bernie mumbled. “That faux mushroom roof alone is worth a bundle.” Then he noticed the carriage hut behind it. It would be perfect for Mommy-in-law Dearest. Perhaps there was hope!

“Well, it won’t hurt to look. C’mon, let’s go in!” She was already half-way out the door.

The realtor greeted them as they walked up the path.

“Hello! My name is Francine Faemeister,” she gushed.”Would you like to tour this marvelous Faery hut? You can see it’s in a prime location, and  Pixietown Elementary school is in walking distance. The current owners are anxious to sell, so the price has been redu—”

“How much?” Bernie interrupted.

Madge elbowed him in the ribs. “Bernie!”

“Come in, won’t you?” Francine said. “Surely you want to see the inside…”

Once inside, both Madge and Bernie fell in love with the charming hut. The realtor showed them around and they knew they had to have it.

“How much do they want?” Bernie asked again.

Francine took a deep breath, “Fifty grams of Faerie Dust, and that includes the carriage house.”

“You’re kidding!” The couple said in unison.

“Why so cheap?” Bernie was suspicious. “A place like this could go for three times that.”

Francine sighed. “Why don’t you sit down. There’s something you must know.”

Madge and Bernie’s hearts sank. It really was too good to be true. They perched on the edge of the feather-filled sofa waiting to hear the worst.

Francine cleared her throat. “You see, the owners of this hut are…Dwarves.”

Dwarves!” Madge gasped and put a gossamer wing to her tiny mouth. “Oh, my! I never would have guessed.

“Yeah, that figures,” Bernie shook his head. “I knew something had to be wrong. I suppose the whole neighborhood is a Deadbeat Dwarf Den.”

“Actually not,” Francine said. “The owners here are the last two in Pixietown. The others have already moved in with Snow White.”

“Humph!” Madge scoffed. “That hussy!”

“If that’s true, then all we’d have to do is hang our official Faerie Protection Symbol to rid the place of cooties and unsavory juju.”

“You have a point, Bernie,” Madge agreed.

Francine chimed in, “I’ve heard those protection symbols will even prevent a Zombie Apocalypse!”

“What do you think, honey? Should we do it?”

Madge grinned. “Does Tinker Bell tinkle in the woods?”





Susan Marie Shuman/ SusanWritesPrecise


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