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It’s Haibun Monday over at the dVerse Poets’ Pub. The theme is transitions. The end of a love even if unrequited, still wrenches the heart. O but you’ve grown — letting yourself let go of the wrong dream    

Aimed Too High

Today’s writing prompt at dVerse Poet’s Pub is for every poem to begin like this: Once upon a _________ (you fill in the blank with any word except “time”) So a poem starting with Once upon a time would NOT fit the prompt! BUT, poems starting like this, for example, do fit the prompt: Once upon a […]
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The Desert

    Date palms swish and sway; Bedouins’ smoking hookahs scent the desert breeze        

The Hut-Hunters

Today’s writing prompt at The Haunted Wordsmith Blog is the image below. It was a crisp Sunday morning in the tiny hamlet of Gnomeville. Early fall was the best time of year because all the goblins and ghosts were focused on the upcoming holiday. They had neither the time nor interest in harassing the wee […]
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True Love

Our task for this week at MMLM’s Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille: Try to describe reality as you are experience it in your life. This way of writing haiku is called “shasei”, it’s invented by Masaoka Shiki, one of the four greatest haiku poets ever and the haiku poet who brought haiku into the 20th century. […]
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