It’s the Haunted Wordsmith’s Three Things Challenge! Today’s writing prompts are the words cheese, feather, and game.

Danna was hosting a slumber party for four of her friends. After eating too much pizza, making giggly phone calls to the boys they liked, and a few rounds of “Truth or Dare,” the girls decided to play a game on the dark side. They lit 13 white candles and placed them around the room. And then they turned out the lights and got into position.

Carly lay down on the floor and the four other girls kneeled around her, two on either side. They touched her with only their index and middle fingers.

“Light as a feather

Stiff as a board…

Light as a feather

Stiff as a board…”

The girls began to repeat this mantra with the intention of levitating Carly.  Eventually, and if the girls could channel their energy properly, and keep from bursting out in laughter, Carly would rise as high as the girls’ arms could reach.

After fifteen minutes or so,  the mantra had put them into a trance-like state; the basement’s ambience became one of otherworldly-ness. Slowly, Carly’s body began to rise; just a – or so, but rising nonetheless. The four girls glanced at one another in amazement. No one really believed it would work, but apparently it would. They’d certainly have a lot to talk about at school on Monday!

The girls continued to focus and channel their energy and bit by bit, Carly’s body became lighter and lighter. When her body was almost three inches off the floor, Carly cut the cheese. She started giggling and hit the floor with a thud. The other four girls roared with laughter and the spell was broken.


SusanWritesPrecise/Susan Marie Shuman


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