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The Searchers: Needles & Pins

The prompt for this week at Song Lyrics Sunday is “search.” This is the song that came to mind first.   The Searchers version (1964) “Needles and Pins” The Searchers heard British performer Cliff Bennett perform “Needles and Pins” at a club in Hamburg, Germany[citation needed], and instantly wanted it to be their next single. […]
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Round and round he goes Dog chases tail; catches it. Now what, he wonders.  

Broken Sunflower

Today at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Blog, we are to create a Tan Renga  from a Haiku: broken sunflower torn apart by a rainstorm — puddles on the path © Chèvrefeuille where children splash and play; thirsty animals drink their fill  

A Nonet: Love Song

I stole the Nonet idea from the Ramblings of a Writer blog. Thanks Kiwinana, aka Elsie! You’re the love song that spins through my mind: a dreidel in perpetual motion, circling, spiraling out of control. It would be wonderful if I liked the song but I don’t.    

New Kids

Today’s writing prompts for the 3TC over at The Haunted Wordsmith blog, are stupid, death, and humor. George sat sprawled on the sofa with a can of whipped cream in his hand, flipping through the TV channels. Every so often he’d give the can a shake and squirt his mouth full of fluffy white goodness. […]
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