Today’s visual prompt at MindLoveMisery Blog is the image below.


I don’t know about this. Wish I’d gotten my usual strawberry. All of a sudden tomato ice cream doesn’t sound so good. Doesn’t smell good either.

Wait. There’s something in there! I swear to God it moved.

Well, maybe not.

There it is again! What the hell?

Looks like a… frostbitten tomato worm?

I certainly can’t eat it now!

I wonder if I can make it home before this melts, and put the tomato worm in my garden. But will the worm last that long?

And how am I gonna ride my bike with only one hand?

Totally poor planning on my part, but who could’ve anticipated such a thing?

According to Jainism, does this qualify an emergency?  I think it does. What if The Universe is testing me? That’s gotta be it!

Okay. I’m calling 911. Who want’s something as vile as this on their Akashic record?



SusanWritesPrecise/ Susan Marie Shuman
– Anka Zhuravleva

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