It’s Monday at MindLovesMisery Menagerie. That means it’s Wordle Day! The challenge is to use at least ten of the words listed below in a story or poem.

Atemporal ((adj.) free from the limitations of time)
Eurhythmic (adj.)) characterized by a pleasing rhythm, harmonious)

After three grueling months, Sheila’s marriage was over. It should never have happened in the first place, but what can you expect when you think with your heart (and other unreliable body parts) instead of your head.

Tony was a screenwriter whom she’d met at a Eurhythmics concert. Sheila found him terribly attractive with his lopsided grin, dark curly hair and cornflower blue eyes. In her opinion, Tony was the next best thing to a Greek god come to Earth.

Unfortunately, Tony had neglected to tell Sheila that his career as a screenwriter had hit a bump in the road. Actually, it was more like a yawning abyss and there was no revitalizing it. Tony had made too many enemies in the industry, and even worse he had lost his creative flair. To him, it felt as if his gray matter had somehow become scattered like leaves in a wind storm.

So, after just two short weeks of dating bliss, Tony and the misguided Sheila were married. Everything was fine for a week or two, and then Sheila noticed that Tony never seemed to be working on anything. More importantly, there was no money coming in aside from her own miniscule paycheck.

The rent was due in one week, and it was time for a confrontation.

“Tony,” Sheila began. “Why aren’t you working? You haven’t written a thing since I met you.”

“I dunno,” Tony shrugged and turned up the TV.

“What do you mean, you don’t know?”

“Can we please talk about this after my show?”

“A Dudley Do-right cartoon is your show?” Sheila looked at her husband in disbelief.

“Hell yeah, and the good part’s coming up.” Tony explained. “See, Snidely Whiplash tied Nell to the railroad tracks, and a locomotive just rounded the corner!”

“Gee, I can’t imagine what will happen…” Sheila rolled her eyes.

“Oh, I know.” Tony agreed. “Me neither!”

“Alright-y then.” With that, Sheila grabbed her purse and headed out the door.

Tony was too engrossed in the fate of Nell to even notice his wife had left.


SusanWritesPrecise/Susan Marie Shuman


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